Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Agile Experience Design" by Ratcliffe & McNeill

The UX Director here at Deloitte | Übermind recently loaned me a book, "Agile Experience Design" by Ratcliffe & McNeill. I was intrigued because I haven't really seen any great references on Design and/or UX in agile projects. And here at Deloitte | Übermind we do tons of UX and Design, more here than anywhere I've ever seen. It shows in our awesome looking and mega-usable mobile apps.

Anyways, I read the book cover-to-cover at a record pace. It had all the good agile stuff, iterations, retrospectives, etc. That kinda content is pretty much geared towards the Design/UX engineer who has minimal agile experience. So that content was good. Simple, to-the-point, etc. I only took issue with 2 minor points; but those points aren't about basic values or principles. They were more like "I wouldn't do it that way" points. For example, one section's illustration showed a daily standup at 5:30 PM. Weird. But minor.

The stuff I really loved and got into was how to integrate UX and/or Design into an agile process. As an experienced agilist, that's where the money in the book was for me. I loved that stuff. It's the first reference I've seen that covers this topic area really well.

So from my perspective, if you are involved in agile that has lots of UX and Design, this book is a must-read. 'nuff said.

Awesome bookness

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